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I Should Have A Mini-Con Every Weekend By Paul Wein This coming weekend will be

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Weekly Mini-Con

I Should Have A Mini-Con Every Weekend

By Paul Wein

This coming weekend will be the first time in two weeks that my house will be empty – and believe it or not – I am unhappy about it. The fact that the house will be empty indicates that the Brooklyn Mini-Con has come to an end – and my friends have gone back home.

Despite the fact that I had five houseguests for a weekend – and three houseguests for almost two weeks – I didn’t mind one bit. I was so happy to have my friends with me – especially now – that they could have stayed for three weeks and I would not have minded.

Since September 11th, I have been so physically, mentally and emotionally drained that I needed an outlet to enable me to forget the horrors that I face every day as a City official – and my good friends were just the outlet I needed. Having the friends I spent some very memorable time with earlier this year around me now proved to be very enjoyable, memorable – and therapeutic.

I have to say that although this vacation was equally as fun as the ones I took in the summer – it was a lot more fun in the sense that this time – they were in my hometown. It was my turn to take my friends around and show them what New York City has to offer. Even after the atrocities this City has endured in the last two months – it is still the greatest City in the world – and I was more then happy to show my visiting friends why this City is called, “The Capital Of The World”.

From Times Square to Williamsburg to Broadway to Bay Ridge – I wanted my friends to really see what this City is all about and what it looks like. I also made sure that they sampled the two things that define Brooklyn – it’s bagels and it’s pizza. And – I made sure that I drove them past the New York City skyline – so they can see what it looks like now.

As the number of friends that were staying with me started to dwindle, I knew the day was coming that all of them would be gone. I have to admit that I dreaded that day because I really enjoyed their company both in Colorado and Alaska and here in Brooklyn – and I was very sorry to see them go.

And now, as I wake up in an empty house, I am reminded of the friends that lived there for a little while – and the wonderful times we had. I am also reminded of the fact that I will see them again soon – but until then – I will miss them very much – and recall them fondly each time my house is empty.

“So as it began, with welcome looks and friendly smiles.
Now the end is at hand, as we travel back across the miles.
But we’ll never forget the times we shared, the friends we found.
We’ll miss them but yet they’ll still be around.”

Dan Lins – Old Friends



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