Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain High By Paul Wein As part of the festivities of the First Annual

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Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain High

By Paul Wein

As part of the festivities of the First Annual South Park Convention, we took a bus to the town of South Park Colorado, which is the town that the show we all love in based on. In order to get to South Park from the hotel we were staying at, we had to take a two hour bus ride – through the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Being a New Yorker, I am used to driving down streets that have huge Gotham-esque skyscrapers on either side of me. But today – we are driving down a road where, instead of the skyscrapers – there is nothing but cavernous mountains on both sides of us – and even more mountains ahead.

With the constant development going on in this country, there are very few places left in America that remain untouched and are still the way God made them. After experiencing this ride through the mountains today – I can honestly tell you that the Rocky Mountains are one of those few untouched treasures left on this planet – and the view is absolutely breathtaking.

To show you the enormity of the Rocky Mountains, we have been on the road for the past two hours – and even though we keep moving forward – the view has remained the same – green grass, tall trees, and snow covered mountains.

The only problem I have with my trek through the Rockies is the fact that breathing has not been easy. Being approximately eight to nine thousand feet above sea level – which is the equivalent of being on the top of an eight to nine hundred story building – is that the air is a lot thinner then what I am used to. But to be honest, it is the view – not the thinning air – that is taking my breath away.

Besides the trek through the Rocky Mountains, the fact that I am over two thousand miles away from home driving through America’s largest mountain range with a bus full of friends I just met two days ago makes this one of the most memorable moments of my life – and something I will always treasure.

I hope that I make it back to Colorado again in my life. But if I don’t – I will always remember my journey through the Rocky Mountains – and the friends that joined me for the ride.

“Colorado Rocky Mountain High.
I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky.
Shadows from the starlight, is softer then a lullaby.
Rocky Mountain High, Colorado.”
John Denver – Rocky Mountain High



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