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This part of my website is dedicated to the show that I do about professional

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Ring Fever

This part of my website is dedicated to the show that I do about professional wrestling. It is on here in Brooklyn every Saturday at 11:30am (Cablevision Ch 68), and has been on the air since 1999. I encourage you to check out the Ring Fever goodies that I have put here. Please feel free to e-mail me with any wrestling questions you may have, and comments about the site and the show. And if you wish, you can order episodes of Ring Fever for your own viewing pleasure! Thanks and enjoy!
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Ring Fever Press Release

My Letter to Hulk Hogan

Press Release

March 15, 2000
For Immediate Release

Contact: Ring Fever Productions
(212) 330-8307

Brooklyn Wrestling Fans Infected With Ring Fever!

(BROOKLYN, NEW YORK) – Not even a year old, Ring Fever has gone from an idea to the most popular independent cable show on Brooklyn Cable Access Television (BCAT) and one of the most visited sites on the Internet.

After airing weekly wrestling segments on Hole In The Wall, a Brooklyn cable show that has been on BCAT since 1995, Ring Fever co-owners Butch The Gambler, and Robert Santa and Host Paul Wein decided that, based on the tremendous positive feedback they received from the segments on Hole In The Wall – why not devote an entire show to wrestling – and Ring Fever was born.

The main goal of Ring Fever is to make the stars of the show the very people that watch it – the fans. “Where The Fans Are The Stars” is what Ring Fever is all about. “If there were no wrestling fans, there would be no wrestling.” said Paul Wein, host of Ring Fever. “Our show takes the real stars of this business and gives them the recognition they have always deserved.”

Airing every Saturday at 3:00pm on BCAT Channel 69 (Cablevision) and Channel 56 (Time Warner Cable), Ring Fever reaches over 250,000 homes each week with segments that are filmed at live wrestling events at area arenas, personal appearances by wrestling superstars at local venues, taped fan-inclusive Round Table Discussions – and even right in a fan’s own home. “We bring the wrestling right to the fans,” Wein said. “Whether it be taking them backstage by showing them footage from interviews we conducted with wrestlers at Madison Square Garden, or watching RAW with the fan and his friends in their house, we make them a part of the show in every sense of the word.”

In addition to the television show, Ring Fever is also the voice of the fans on the Internet. On their website,, fans can speak their mind on the latest goings on in wrestling through a Fan Forum, see themselves in the Picture Gallery, and even get inducted into the Fans Hall Of Fame. “Coupled with our television show, our website is the perfect medium for the fans to say what they want and speak their mind about the business they love so much.” Wein said.

Besides becoming popular with the fans of wrestling, Ring Fever has also caught the attention of the wrestling industry. In March, The New York Daily News did a three-part series on the ethical, business and personal side of professional wrestling, which Ring Fever was a part of. In addition, the Ring Fever banner was seen on a recent episode of the USA Network’s Monday Night RAW and a link to their website can be found on many wrestling related websites on the Internet.

With all of these components, Ring Fever has become airborne and is infecting wrestling fans throughout Brooklyn – and around the world as well. “I caught Ring Fever from the News article,” said Carl from Brooklyn, “best 50 cents I ever spent.” Jackie from Brooklyn was equally excited. “Ring Fever mentioned with the big three, what else is there to say, the plague is spreading.” Lisa from Brooklyn was “blown away” after seeing the story in the Daily News. “A Brooklyn based cable show and website was the only one mentioned with the big three. I love the site and will help spread the plague.”

Now that Brooklyn has caught Ring Fever, the show’s producers are planning a global outbreak. “We were amazed with the way the fans embraced us so quickly,” said Robert Santa, producer and co-owner of Ring Fever. “Based on that, we are currently negotiating to take Ring Fever from BCAT to a national network so all of wrestling’s fans can see what we are all about. Today BCAT, tomorrow the world – there is no cure!”
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Letter to Hulk Hogan


Hey Hulkster!!!

July 7, 2000

It was a pleasure to see you at the Licensing Show and an even bigger pleasure to speak with you on the phone.

As I mentioned to you when we spoke, Ring Fever is a show that is based out of Brooklyn, New York who’s main purpose is to bring the fans of professional wrestling and the superstars together. If you view the enclosed highlight reel and read through the enclosed press kit, you will see that we accomplish this through filming the fans at autograph sessions, at shows at area arenas, in the fans own homes, and at our interactive Round Table Discussions where we give the fans an opportunity to talk with superstars in an intimate, “talk show type” setting.

In addition to our television show, which airs weekly, we have a website,, which works in conjunction with our show. Through our Fan Forum, which is our interactive message board that allows fans to interact with each other and respond to each other’s posts, our “Ask Paul Wein” link which allows wrestling fans to ask me questions about the goings on in wrestling, our Picture Gallery which allows fans to see themselves from recent tapings, and our Fans Hall of Fame, which enables fans to be recognized for their desire and steadfast appreciation for wrestling, fans can now feel as though they are participating in our show and our website on a constant basis.

As you can see, a majority of the superstars featured on our show have been from the World Wrestling Federation. The reason for this is because I have had difficulty contacting World Championship Wrestling, and finally accomplished this at the Licensing Show. We embrace all wrestling federations and now that we have met, it is my hope that we can work together.

I must say that I am honored that you expressed interest in doing something with us. As the host of the show and a fan of yours all of my life, I would love to have you as a guest on our show. I have many ideas as to how we can bring you on the show and I would love to discuss them with you, or welcome any ideas you may have. Please call me at (718) 209-0736 so we can discuss making this a possibility.

Ring Fever is a concept that in one year, has attracted incredible attention. The fans, the press (Daily News, Extra, Brooklyn Papers, Courier Life Publications) and people within the wrestling business have embraced us and expressed to us that there is no one else with a concept like ours. In fact, we are currently in the process of bringing the show to a national cable network very shortly.

On a personal note, I have been a fan of yours all my life. It’s no secret that you revolutionized wrestling and brought it from a series of local house shows to the media phenomenon that it is today. I have had many wrestling personalities on my show and always wanted to have you on the show as well. As a matter of fact, on a piece that the television show Extra is doing on us that will air this month, I was asked who is the one wrestler I have not had on the show that I would love to see as a guest – I told them that you were the one that we never had the pleasure of having on the show. How ironic that I would meet you less then two months later. I hope that we can build a very positive relationship that will be mutually beneficial to both of us.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


Paul Wein
Ring Fever



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