Who Really Is The Fiercest Predator On Earth? By Paul Wein Last night, Christine and



Who Really Is The Fiercest Predator On Earth?

By Paul Wein

Last night, Christine and I were watching Air Jaws on the Discovery Channel. The documentary was about an island off the coast of South Africa that is home to thousands of seals that in order to get off the island – have to swim through “The Ring Of Death” – which is a four hundred yard circle that surrounds the island – and is full of dozens of Great White Sharks that wait to prey on the tiny seals.

The most amazing part of this documentary was the way the sharks attacked the seals – instead of the normal attack pattern that sharks exhibit – these sharks attacked by leaping out of the water the way a whale would flip when it comes up for air. Nowhere else on the planet do sharks behave this way. To see a two ton, twenty foot long shark propel itself out of the water and almost ten feet into the air is the most amazingly frightening thing I have ever seen.

During the documentary, Christine felt sorry for the seals and mentioned to me what a fierce predator the shark is. In making that statement, she did what she has done since we met – she inspired me.

Her statement about sharks being a fierce predator is true. With hundreds of teeth that are as sharp as a brand new razor blade and the ability to devour up to fifty pounds of meat in one bite – the chances of surviving a shark attack are very slim. But I ask you – are sharks really the fiercest predator on Earth?

Each species finds it’s own way of surviving. Some hunt by stalking their prey. Others sneak up on it – and humans kill in what is to me the most cruel and the most horrific way – the slaughter house.

I have seen documentaries on slaughter houses and what those animals are put through. I promise you that if you watched just one video of a slaughter house – you would not eat meat for a very long time. While we share the same need to eat to survive just like every other creature on Earth – the difference between us and them is that we have the intelligence, capability and technology to not have to resort to sinking our teeth into a live animal and having to wrestle it to it’s death. We can instead go to supermarkets and purchase pre-packaged meat that we have to do nothing to but cook.

But while we may not be the ones killing these animals – someone is – and they do it in a very terrible way.

I understand that there is no “good way” to die. But to watch a herd of thousands of animals being led to slaughter and killed one right after the other in the most inhumane way was very shocking to me. To watch Man showing it’s dominance as the most intelligent creature on Earth by eradicating millions of animals every year so we can eat shows that we are the ones on this planet that are the fiercest predator. Unlike other animals that use skill, speed, cunning and strength to get their next meal – we shop at stores that sell chunks of animal flesh that is in the form of shishkabobs, burgers – and even cubes for pepper steak. You don’t see other animals turning their kill into designer meals – they simply devour it. We on the other hand take an animal that has no idea it’s about to die and cook it with spices, sauces and seasonings on grills, stoves and ovens.

This column is extremely hypocritical for me to even write because I eat more red meat then anyone else I know. But I guess it took me and Christine discussing predators to realize that while we shake our heads at sharks, lions and alligators for their fierceness when it comes to “making the kill” – we should take a look in the mirror – and the next time we shop for meats – remember how that meat made it’s way to us.



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