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Places I Used To Live

Below are selected pitcures from the many places I used to live. All were in Brooklyn, and all had a character of their own. I have many fond memories of these places. And if you were in any of these places, I hope they bring back some of those fun memories. If you were not, then at least you can get a taste of what these "dens of fun" were like.


This Was Paulie's #1!

This Was Paulies #2!

I Miss That Place SO MUCH!

Who Wouldn't?

My View From Behind The Bar

My First Non-Paulie's Apartment

Small But Nice, Right?

I'm Such A Neat Freak!

Heh!!! There's Beavis!!!

Doug's Apartment - And Then Mine

Nice Living Room

Heh!!! There's Beavis AGAIN!!!

Beautiful Bedroom

I Miss That Office...

...So Much!


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