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My Nephew's Confirmation

On Tuesday, November 4th, my nephew Joey was Confirmed at St. Edmund's Catholic Church in Brooklyn, New York, and I had the honor of being his sponsor. I love Joey a lot and Tuesday may have been his big day, but it was a very special day for me too, because it brought us even closer together. Enjoy the pictures and column from that special day, and if you have a nephew - give him a hug for me.

St. Edmund's congtratulates the Confirmandi, or newly confirmed

Jaimie makes one of her famous funny faces!

Me and my niece and nephew, who I love very much

My beautiful sister Laura

Mother and daughter

My mother Rosemary, who made me the man I am today

My nephew's grandfather Monte, who is like my grandpa as well

Me and Jaimie at dinner

Me and Joey at the Church before the ceremony

Me and my newly confirmed nephew at dinner celebrating the big day


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