I Could Not Ask For A Better Godson By Paul Wein On Sunday, Father Bill



I Could Not Ask For A Better Godson

By Paul Wein

On Sunday, Father Bill of Chicago’s St. Gertrude’s Catholic Church baptized Coltrane Ellis Lins – officially making him my Godson. And after spending the last three days with him – I can tell you that I could not ask for a better Godson.

That beautiful child is by far the most low-maintenance baby I have ever met. I have seen babies that won’t stop crying – like the child in seat 13C that is hysterically crying as I type this – and babies who fuss so much that they make their parent’s lives miserable – not Cole. He was so quiet during my stay that there were times I forgot there was a child in the house. And not only did he sleep soundly through each of the four nights I stayed in their house – I think I heard him cry maybe once during the whole four days I was there.

What truly amazes me about Cole is that he has an entire life ahead of him and so many wonderful things to discover. As I stared into his big beautiful blue eyes, I was truly amazed at this one month old child who may now only know sleeping and eating at this very young stage in his life – but has an entire life ahead of him to live that includes discovering everything from friendships, to true love, to a career – to each and everything in between.

Considering that I never had a child of my own – Godson or otherwise – I never experienced raising a child and watching them grow. But now that Cole is in my life – I can not wait to watch him grow up and discover everything that this big world has to offer him. I can’t wait to hear that he learned to walk, that he spoke his first word – and that he is starting to be able to feed himself. I want to spoil that child by giving him anything and everything he wants – and I can’t wait until the day he can get on a telephone and call his Godfather. I want to hang the pictures he draws me on my fridge, I want to be at as many of his birthdays as I can – and I want to spend the rest of my life loving that incredible child.

I realize that Dan and Kandice are Cole’s real parents, but I promise Dan and Kandice that I will be the best and most active Godfather as I possibly can. I may not be able to see him every day, but I will try my best to see him as much as I can and to call their house at least once a week to check up on him. And the next time I see him – which will be in twenty-five days at the Second Annual South Park Convention – you can rest assured that Cole will be getting a bunch of presents from his Godfather.

Kandice and Dan – thank you for not only making me a part of your family – but for helping me discover the beauty of a child. And Cole – I will see you in twenty-five days – and I love you – my Godson.

“As I slipped out my bed to your crib I crept.
Touched your head gently, and felt my heart melt,
because I knew I loved you more then life itself.
And to my knees, I begged the Lord please,
let me be a good daddy, all he needs.
Love, knowledge, discipline too.
I pledge my life to you.”

Will Smith – Just The Two Of Us



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