Goodbye You Guys

Goodbye You Guys By Paul Wein It is 9:25pm on Sunday night and I am

penniespoemsGoodbye You Guys

Goodbye You Guys

Goodbye You Guys

By Paul Wein

It is 9:25pm on Sunday night and I am sitting in a room with the remaining members of the First Annual South Park Convention. Unlike the first day of the Convention, which I spent meeting my new found friends – I spent this day saying goodbye to them – and realizing more and more as each person departed, that the Convention was quickly coming to an end.

I remember when this Convention was an idea. I remember when this Convention was six months away. I remember when this Convention was a month away – and I remember when this Convention was tomorrow – and now – I have to remember this Convention as yesterday.

I have spent the last four days meeting new people that were actually old friends of mine that I never met before – but spoke to every day. And after meeting these new found old friends – we spent the last ninety-six hours having the same non-stop party. From the moment I met Terry – to the moment I have to board the shuttle – we have partied in people’s rooms, the pool, the bowels of the hotel – and in the very town that brought us all together. And now – the party’s over.

As much as I love to go on vacation – I absolutely hate having to end them. As excited as I got when the Convention date arrived is as upset as I got when the last few hours of my vacation begin to wind down – like right now. But of all the vacations that have to become a part of history – why does it have to be this one?

The most amazing thing about this Convention is that all of us never met before. The day before I boarded jetBlue Airlines Flight 97 for Colorado, I was going to meet a group of people who were all strangers that I never even stood in the same room with before. Yet, I was willing to fly across the country to see them. And everyone else that made the same trip I did felt the same way. Whether we came from as close by as Colorado itself – or as far away as England – we all felt that a trek to meet people we never met before was worth it.

I have to say that we made the most of the time that we all spent together. From acting together in a play, to singing along to the songs we all know the words to, to drinking and smoking in a hot tub – to breaking bread like a family – the fact that we were strangers less then a week ago never seemed to matter – because the moment we shook each other’s hands – we were no longer strangers – we were old friends.

And just as I once shook all of their hands and said hello – I now have to give them all hugs and say goodbye. Despite all of the fun we had and the entire Summer’s worth of stuff we did in the last four days – all good things must come to an end – but while the vacation may be over – the friendships I made here have only just begun. Because after the last four days, everyone that was here were once posters to my Digest – and now – they are my family.

If I could say anything to each and every person that attended the convention with me – I would say thank you so much for making this Convention something I will never forget and will cherish forever. Thank you for loving South Park so much that you were willing to meet me and the rest of the Marklars and spend an entire weekend with us. Thank you for all the wonderful gifts and presents you gave me – and thank you for the best vacation I have ever had. I hope that this will not be the last time that we will all spend time in the same room together. And I hope that if any of you are ever in New York – that you will head on down to Brooklyn and meet a friend of yours – because if I ever come to where you live – expect a knock on your door from an old friend.

Thanks for a great weekend – goodbye you guys.

“I don’t want to leave on Sunday evening,
wish I could stay all Summer long,
to remind me of this good time,
and that’s when I sing this song.”
Bruce Jacques – Kickin’ Back



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