Me? A Godfather? Fugedaboudit! By Paul Wein Since the first day I sent out the



Me? A Godfather? Fugedaboudit!

By Paul Wein

Since the first day I sent out the South Park Digest back in September of 1999, a number of wonderful people, experiences and friendships have been added to my life. In fact, the last three years of my life have had more added to it from the South Park Digest then from anything else that I do. But of all that the Digest has given to me and all the people that have become my friend since my first Digest – it was Dan and Kandice that gave me the greatest gift of all – a Godson named Cole.

I have always been amazed at the fact that the Internet can unite so many people that probably would never have met if not for the fact that they can communicate with each other without ever leaving their home. And while everyone that subscribes to the South Park Digest have become friends – I never thought that the Digest would unite two people from different sides of the United States of America – and result in the birth of a child.

I remember when I went to last year’s South Park Convention and met over thirty people that were in Colorado for the same reason I was – to spend time with a group of strangers that evolved into a family – despite the fact that none of us have ever met. And I also recall that throughout the Convention – Dan and Kandice spent quite a lot of time together – which made me very happy, because I thought how nice it was that they took such a strong liking to each other. Shortly after the Convention – that “liking” escalated into Kandice moving to Chicago to live with Dan – and then announcing the incredible news that her and Dan were going to have a baby.

I can still recall the day I found out that they were expecting. When they told me, I was amazed, shocked – and overjoyed. Here are two people that I saw shake hands and meet for the very first time – and who have now created a life together through their love and passion for each other – all because the two of them separately decided to sign up for my South Park Digest.

As the day of Cole’s birth got closer and closer, I was actually anxious to greet this baby when it entered the world – despite the fact that I am not the biggest lover of children. What was really nice was that Dan and Kandice kept me informed of their baby’s progress as if I was one of their relatives. I still have a message saved on my answering machine of Kandice calling me and telling me that they just found out that the baby was a boy, along with several other messages since then telling me that he is kicking her and moving around in her stomach.

But of all the calls I have received from Dan and Kandice, of all the wonderful times they have included me in their lives and the life of their unborn child – it was the call I received last month that was the most amazing call of all. I was hanging out with my friends when Kandice called and told me that Cole’s Baptism would be on Memorial Day Weekend – and that she and Dan would like me to be Cole’s Godfather.

To be totally honest, when I heard her say that – I felt the first wave of instant emotion that I have felt since the world was forever changed on September 11th. I remember my eyes filling with tears and my voice going silent to the point where Kandice had to ask if I was still there. I was so amazed that she asked me to be Cole’s Godfather that she rendered me speechless. She told me that her and Dan wanted me to be Cole’s Godfather because it was me who brought them together and who made it possible for them to meet. While I am honored and humbled at the fact that they want me to be Cole’s Godfather – it is Dan and Kandice who deserve all the credit. They are the ones that separately signed up for the Digest, they are the ones who decided to come to the South Park Convention – and they are the ones who fell in love and created a life as a result of their love. All I did was send an e-mail to them each day – but nonetheless, I was of course honored to accept and very proud to be Cole’s Godfather.

Thank you is not even the right words to say to Dan and Kandice. I am so amazed that they chose me for such an enormous responsibility. Being a Godfather of a child means that the child is your responsibility should – God forbid – anything happen to the child’s parents. While I pray that nothing like that ever happens – I hope that Dan and Kandice can rest assured that I would be the greatest father to Cole if that day ever came – but instead – I will stick to being a great Godfather.

So with Cole’s Baptism three weeks away, I am looking for flights to Chicago so I can see my two old friends again – and meet my Godson.

“Don’t grow up so fast son,
there’s so much of the world to see.
And don’t you worry ’bout nothing at all,
just be young – and be free.”

Bruce Jacques – Five Years Old



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