Born in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, Paul Wein has remained a resident of the community and


Born in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, Paul Wein has remained a resident of the community and plans to reside there for life.

After graduating from Public School 193 and Cunningham Junior High School, Paul attended Sheepshead Bay High School and pursued a career in Law. During his law studies, Paul and some of his fellow students were selected to travel to London, England to study the British Legal System.

Realizing that law was not his calling, Paul began to study broadcasting and, in 1988, began an internship at WPLJ, a popular New York radio station. His work at the radio station during his internship earned him the Board of Education Certificate of Achievement Award for the exploration of a career and the development of personal potential as well as the Sheepshead Bay High School English Achievement Award for excellence in the Communication Arts. Upon graduation of Sheepshead Bay High School, he attended Kingsborough Community College where he continued to study radio broadcasting and quickly became a newscaster on WKRB, the college’s radio station.

Taking a liking to news, he decided to pursue journalism instead of radio broadcasting and became a free-lance reporter after graduating Kingsborough. Paul vigorously attended many press conferences and political functions, and thoroughly covered then Mayoral Candidate Rudolph Giuliani’s campaign. Upon his election, Mayor Giuliani thanked Paul for his efforts by making the various interviews Paul conducted with the Mayor Official City Property. In the fall of 1994, Paul got his first newspaper job, becoming a contributing reporter with The Brooklyn Skyline. There, he investigated and covered many vital issues pertaining to the different communities of Brooklyn. Paul began attending many local community meetings and quickly made friends among the many political and community leaders. His articles were read by many and were often commented on in the “Letters To The Editor” column.

While at The Brooklyn Skyline, Paul was asked to write for The Hall, a new political paper that was starting in Manhattan. Paul’s feature stories on political functions held by both Democrats and Republicans were well received by all who read them and attended the various events he wrote about. In June of 1995, Paul left The Brooklyn Skyline to become the Editor of The Marketeer. While there, Paul handled a myriad of responsibilities ranging from writing articles, to handling various contests, to overseeing the production of the paper itself. Paul gave Mayor Giuliani the opportunity to write a weekly column for The Marketeer, which has been welcomed by its readers.

Shortly after starting with The Marketeer, Paul began to write a series of articles on the History of Brooklyn. The series received a great deal of acclaim throughout the borough. Due to the response he received from the series, Paul compiled the weekly series into a pullout section with a written introduction by Brooklyn Borough President Howard Golden. Shortly after the compilation edition of “The History of Brooklyn” was published, Paul received numerous letters of recognition about his series from many elected officials including Mayor Giuliani and President Clinton.

In June of 1996, Paul left The Marketeer to become a Legislative Aide to City Councilman Howard Lasher. This new step forward allowed Paul to take his law, broadcasting and journalism experience all the way to City Hall. While working for Councilman Howard Lasher, Paul was asked to become Editor-in-Chief of The Brooklyn Baron, a brand-new newspaper which was set to publish its first issue in December of 1996, Paul wholeheartedly accepted the job, and in doing so, became the youngest Editor-in-Chief in the State of New York. Due to his effort, leadership and development of The Brooklyn Baron, Paul received an enormous amount of recognition from his peers and the community-at-large. He was the recipient of proclamations from the Council, the Senate and the Assembly for his work as the Baron’s Editor-in-Chief. Paul was also asked to teach journalism to the students of Mark Twain Intermediate School for the Gifted and Talented as well as John Dewey High School. But the accomplishment he is most proud of is the development of his column entitled, A Penny For My Thoughts which is about his life, as he puts it, “Growing up Brooklyn.” The column became quite popular with the Baron’s readers and Paul received many letters each week praising that week’s installment.

In October 1997, Paul was approached by the Publisher of The Brooklyn Daily Eagle and asked to come on board as its Assistant Publisher. He accepted the job, bringing with him his many contacts as well as his “Penny For My Thoughts” column. Paul’s first experience at a daily newspaper would be cut short due to an unexpected illness, which forced him to leave the paper and recuperate at home.

After recuperating from his illness, Paul was eager to return to the world of journalism. So when The Marketeer asked Paul to rejoin the staff, he accepted and became Editor once again. This allowed Paul to work at a slower pace and recuperate while still writing.


The true culmination of Paul’s hard work came in January of 1999 when he was appointed Press Secretary for the New York City Department of Buildings. As Press Secretary, Paul’s years of hard work, endurance and determination have earned him a prosperous career as a member of the Giuliani Administration.

In addition to writing and working for the Department of Buildings, Paul still involves himself in his first love – broadcasting. Each week, Paul can be seen on two television shows: As the host of Ring Fever, Paul presents to his viewers a half hour of the goings on in the world of professional wrestling. The show features Paul’s interviews with wrestling superstars, appearances by wrestlers at local events, and interviews with the fans of wrestling. In addition to Ring Fever, Paul also co-host’s a television show called Hole In The Wall, where Paul interviews celebrities, attends various conventions and festivals, and shows the various things to do around his hometown. Paul also has a recurring role as an extra on Comedy Central’s Upright Citizen’s Brigade.

Recently, Paul was hired by Comedy Central as the Moderator of the South Park Booster Club. As Moderator, Paul answers the show’s fan e-mail from all over the world and posts a daily Digest of the best comments about the television show.

With a job in the Giuliani administration, two television shows, a position with Comedy Central’s South Park, and an overall love for life. Paul Wein enjoys his life to the fullest and looks forward to each day that lies ahead. “Life is what you make it – and your only limitation is YOURSELF!”

He currently lives in Sheepshead Bay.